With the current emergency situation regarding the COVID 19 virus and the cancellation of most International flights, it would appear that repatriating patients from abroad would be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

However, we can still offer an Air Ambulance solution to repatriate patients from hospitals and hotels around the world.

On board the air ambulance, an infection control pod has been fitted which ensures the cabin environment is free from airborne pathogens and the crew can work free from risk of infection. This also keeps any travelling companion safe as well.

By using our international providers we can arrange an ambulance pick up to the airport where we can carry out a “ wing to wing transfer “ meaning that the patient is put directly into our aircraft, without our crew having to land, and then flown to their destination, including a family member or companion if possible.

On arrival into the UK , once again we can have the patient collected directly from the aircraft and taken to their local  hospital.

We can also provide larger aircraft for transportation of up to 10 passengers at a time, for as long as our borders stay open. This is for the fit and healthy and does not include the isolation pod or the medical crew.

Please contact us for the best price available and the most up to date information.