Liver Failure

Antalya Turkey

A gentleman, who suffered from liver disease, was admitted into hospital in Antalya. The liver failure was so severe the hospital advised that he needed a liver transplant to prevent further deterioration and that he should return to his country of origin for treatment.

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Scooter Crash

Zakynthos Greece.

Despite having insurance, it turned out that the 200cc scooter was above the permitted 125 cc limit. 

The family were left with a massive financial crisis as it looked like for a long time that Mark would need an air ambulance.

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Metastatic Cancer diagnosis.

Nicosia Cyprus.

This Cypriot gentleman called London his home for over 20 years. 

However, after having various tests and investigations, it was found that he was suffering from cancer which has spread from the primary location to metastasize around his body.

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Acute Myloid Leukaemia

Hainan China.

When the family of this patient was told that there was no treatment available in the UK and they should prepare for the worst, they failed to give up and they researched their options.
One such option was the world famous Leukaemia treatment centre in Hainan, China.

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Air Ambulance from Shanghai

Shanghai China.

It is with immense pride that we have repatriated Patrick from Shanghai in China, after months of negotiations with the Chinese authorities. Covid restrictions were so severe they would not allow foreign aircraft to land. 

Then when we were almost ready we coincided with the arrival of Typhoon Minnamnon. 

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Heart Attack on Holiday.

Tenerife Spain.

Our gentleman had been waiting since the beginning of Covid to have a family holiday in Tenerife. In the meantime he had been placed on the waiting list for some cardiac investigations. 

On holiday he was taken to hospital with chest pain and once there the family contacted their travel insurer for help.

Unfortunately as he hadn't told his travel insurer about being on the waiting list they declined his claim due to him awaiting a procedure.

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Near death drowning

Tenerife Spain

An 81 year old gentleman decided to have a quick swim before going back to his apartment. Luckily a bystander saw him dive in but when he failed to surface , called for help and jumped in to rescue him.

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